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'Box Clever' with our Visionary products and market leading delivery

Welcome to Boxed Solutions.

We offer off the shelf solutions to M&E HVAC and Process industries with market leading delivery

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Thinking 'Outside the Box' when it comes to solutions

Prefabricated Solutions for HVAC Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

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Electrical Commercial

We can help you control your costs on site and deliver your build programs on time by taking your onsite manufacturing offsite. This is done in our factory manufacturing environment that allows flexibility and efficiency without any loss in quality or performance



HVAC Applications

Simple trapeze supports are available to suit the majority of applications. They are available off the shelf and in our distribution partners nationwide

Power & Energy

From supports through to Cable Ladders, Trunking Systems and Trays we have these products in a range to suit the environment applications. Speak to us for further detail.These include GRP, Stainless Steel and High Silicon Hot dip Galvanised.

Pipe Support

Can your support really perform to the level that you require. We are happy to provide indicative load data for most applications.

Rail and Transport

We can supply and manufacture Cable Management System and support systems in a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit any environment. We have products available off the shelf, or we are happy to speak to you regarding specials.

Data Centres

We have a wide range of experience with the supply of products in this particular industry. Furthermore, we have product specially suited for Data Centres. The majority of our assemblies can be assembled or supplied in kit form. These are complimented by our wide range of Cable Management products. We are keen to speak to you about your requirements.

“It has been proven that the best and only way to deliver your projects 'on-time' is by taking the on-site construction off-site.”

About Our Industry

‘Thinking Outside The Box’ Boxed Solutions was formed in 2020 when our Directors spotted a gap in the market for modular, on-site solutions that meet the growing demand in the UK construction sector. Boxed Solutions’ products are designed as quality installation solutions, that solve many of the problems that arise from shortages in skilled labour, tight build schedules and spiralling installations costs.

With over 50 years experience, we can help you to deliver the program on time and on budget without forgoing quality.

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European wide delivery network

Our distribution network will service your needs.

Quality Branded Products

We manufacture all our product from UK sourced quality branded products

Quick Delivery

We offer market leading delivery. Most of our solutions are ready next day

Getting the right product, to the right place, at the right time.


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